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Test and Time for Print Collaboration information 


  THANK YOU for working with me  I am really looking forward shooting with you.  I look at these sessions as a way to constantly push to improve our skills while being fun, creative, collaborative and productive. I have done this all over the world and met amazingly talented people, often working with them multiple times. Ultimately, getting amazing images for us to use. 

Here are a few details my collaboration sessions. These are things, in my experience,  that just make the session go smoothly.                    





Santa Fe 




OK now we got that stuff out the way let's talk about the session. 

I try to get as much in terms of pre production via commutations before the shoot as possible. At least a rough idea on the kind of images we are looking for and what to wear. When you arrive, I will normally be there a little ahead of time to scout the location. Once we have decided on what and where to shoot, we will go ahead as start shooting.  


I work with iPad that is connected to my camera. As we shoot, we can monitor the image in real time. It’s the same as looking in the back of the camera but much bigger. Models love working with this tool as make for very productive sessions. 

Once the session is complete, and we think we have what we needed. I will contact you within a couple of days and send you a link to a gallery of the full session. You can then look through the samples and pick the images you want. I normally ask you to select 6 images from the session. Those images I will retouch for you and send you a 2nd link with the final high-res versions for you to use in your portfolio. I do ask that you only post the retouched versions. If you want more images retouched, we can talk about that and work something out. One or two extras in not normally a problem.


That's about it. Again, I look forward to working with you. If you have any question please feel free to contact me. 




General Information

  • MODEL RELEASE.  You will need to be over 18 years old to do these sessions as you will be asked to sign a standard model release form. If you are not a parent will need to sign the release and be present as the shoot. Model Release form

  • ON TIME. Please be on time. Many times, I am scheduling multiple sessions in the same day, one after the other. If you are late it can mess up the rest of the sessions. If you are running more than 15 mins late please let me know Depending on the schedule, we may not have another time to do the planned shoot and may have to reschedule.   

  • CANCELLATIONS: Things happen and sometimes for some reason we will need to cancel sessions. If you need to cancel please let me know as soon as possible.  While this is a "no charge" shoot it does not mean it there are no costs involved for me. On rare occasions I myself will need to reschedule to take a last minute paid shoot.  If that happens, I will make every effort to contact you as early as I can and reschedule the session. 

  • PREPARATION: In order to maximize the time, I do ask you are prepared. Unless we are using a makeup/hair person I will ask you have basic makeup already applied and that you have extra makeup/hairbrush with you to make adjustments when needed. 

  • It helps if you can bring as much wardrobe are you can. This just gives us more options on hand. Layering helps with speedy changes too. 

Lastly, If you want to bring a friend along to the session, please go ahead. I respect your comfort and safety always. Many times, on location and extra pair of hands is helpful.  So Just let me know. 






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