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 LAMP (Lakelight Ambassador Model Program)  & Launching "Model Sessions"


  I hope you don't mind that I send you this. I know you have been incredibility complimentary of my photos, and the results of sessions we have shot together.  I think it shows, I love shooting this stuff and have a great passion to not only getting great photos,  but also helping models follow their dreams however large or small.  With that I am also running a business and so I am looking to combine the two. Still with the passion, the creatively, and hopefully promoting both my photos and your modeling. 


After chatting with some of the models I have been working with lately the question of publishing has come up, Which has made me  think about launching a program, well two really. (looking for better names for both)


 Firstly, a kind of a Lakelight Ambassador Model Program (LAMP) to help promote my photography brand and book more paid sessions. Ambassadors would still get free collab sessions and no cost for their images as before, but I would also help them get published and allow them to use images to submit to publications. Maybe put a digital comp card or webpage together for them to send out.. Oh, and still get great photos. 


 As an Ambassador, I just would ask that when a model posts on social media one of my pictures of them it's co-branded with Lakelight and somehow linked to my second idea, which would be launching "Model Sessions" (looking for a better name) shoots.


 These sessions would work pretty much how our Collab sessions have been. And would be NO CHARGE  The shoot would be aimed at people interested in getting into modeling. models updating their portfolio, or just some cool shots.


  These would be  2 -3 Look sessions. I would help choose wardrobe and send them a tips sheet or mood boards on how to get the best from the session. As I said pretty much how our collaboration sessions are now.


Once we shoot the session, I send them the online gallery.  BUT instead of me just sending the final images to them, if they love the photos, they will have the opportunity to buy any or all the final images they love.. Pricing would be based on packs of say 6 or 12 or unlimited images. (still working that out). And even a print option too. 


This of course only will be for sessions going forward and will not be a condition for us to work together again. It's a way to maybe generate future income for me while shooting stuff I love to shoot. Maybe????


These are just ideas I had, and still not super focused yet. I hope you don't mind...but I am asking you as we just worked together recently and so the experience is still fresh for you.


Honestly, what do you think? As a model is this something you would consider. And as model posting on IG, would booking a "Model session" shoot be something your followers/friends might be interested in after seeing what we shot together?

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