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Senior Sessions

The session

All sessions include:

  • Initial consultation

  • Location or studio (within 15 miles of the Cities)

  • Approximately 1-hour photo session

  • 2-3 outfit changes

  • Review images as we shoot via a large tablet screen

  • Full online gallery of the session to pick your 8 final choices

  • 8 re-touched final images that would be ready to print.

  • Permission to print all finals


Additional options:

  • Travel if outside the Twin Cities area

  • Makeup and Hair

  • Location rental or required permits

  • Purchase additional re-touched images 

  • Ordering prints

How it Works

The success to any photo session is planning. I will help guide you through the process from start to finish. This is how it typically works.


After you initially contact me we will set up a phone call or meeting where we can chat about what kind of session your student is looking for. Location, style and ideas they might have for the final images that best represent them.

Once we have those details we will set up a time date and location. At anytime between the call and the day of the shoot please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Day of the shoot

On the day of the shoot we will meet at the location and time we had discussed. I will be there a little ahead of time to scout out best places within that location to shoot.

Once we start shooting I will guide them through poses and help with tips to get the best results. Most sessions are 60 mins. That will be enough time in most cases to get everything we need.

My camera is connected wirelessly to an iPad so that as we shoot you will be able to see the results instantly. This really helps settle even the most reluctant of subjects.  Being able to see how good they look helps their confidence and knowledge that they will get great images. At the end of the shoot you again will be able to review all the images to make sure have everything we need. 


After the shoot

Normally within 48 hours I will send you a full online gallery of the all the images. I also include a couple of samples that caught my eye and give you an idea of how the finals might look. These of course do not have to be your choices.You can take your time go through them and pick the ones you love.


Once you have selected the images you want, you send me back the list and I will retouch those images along with options, such as maybe black and white, or maybe a different crop. 


Finally I sent the final ready to print images. At this point you will have the option to go to anywhere and print them or I offer an optional print service that I can order the prints insuring the best quality final prints. 

Look forward to working with you


As all parents know, no two kids are the same, therefore no two photo sessions should be the same. My senior photo sessions are completely customized to ensure your seniors personality shines through. I want you and your senior to be 100% satisfied with the end results, so wardrobe, location, and look are all discussed and planned in advance to make sure everyone loves the pictures. 

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